Things That Make Our Teeth Turn Yellow

Besides having a very important function, teeth are also one of the factors that support appearance. When you smile, your teeth will look. Well, interestingly this smile is also determined by our teeth. If our teeth are white and clean, of course, our smile will look attractive. But on the contrary, if our teeth are yellow and dull, it will certainly worsen our appearance.

Yellowed teeth are a very common dental problem. We can do some tooth bleaching treatments to restore the white color of the teeth. However, this kind of treatment is certainly expensive. Therefore, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To prevent yellowing of the teeth, we must first identify the various causes.

Tooth Enamel Damage

Yellowing teeth can occur naturally. The white color of the teeth is actually the enamel tissue. As you get older, the enamel layer on your teeth will continue to erode and thin gradually. This will make the layer below the enamel, the dentin layer, visible. The dentin tissue itself is actually ivory yellow.

We can prevent tooth decay by regularly brushing our teeth. In addition, it is also highly recommended to use toothpaste that contains active ingredients that can prevent and repair damage to the tooth enamel.

Less Maintenance of Dental and Oral Hygiene

We are required to brush our teeth at least twice a day to maintain dental and oral hygiene. Tooth and mouth hygiene that is not maintained will certainly cause various problems, one of which is yellowing teeth.

Foods and drinks we consume every day will directly affect tooth discoloration. Chromogen content in these foods and drinks will accelerate tooth discoloration to yellow. Therefore, we must be diligent in brushing our teeth in order to inhibit the process.

In addition, there are also a variety of foods and drinks that can make color changes in the teeth become faster. Therefore, many dentists recommend us to limit the consumption of the following foods and beverages.

  • Wine

Especially red wine, this drink greatly affects the discoloration of the teeth. Wine consumption that is too frequent or excessive can make teeth look yellow. In addition to containing chromogen, wine also contains tannin which will worsen the color changes in the teeth.

  • Tea and Coffee

Besides wine, other drinks that can make teeth turn yellow are coffee and tea, especially black tea. Similar to wine, coffee and tea also contain chromogen which makes teeth look yellow. In addition, tea and coffee also contain caffeine which can leave stains on the teeth if taken long-term.

Coffee also contains high acids that can worsen tooth decay. For those of you who like to drink coffee, you should limit your consumption of coffee and choose coffee with low acid. And for you tea fans, then you should turn to clearer green tea to reduce the bad effects on your teeth.

  • Soda

Carbonated drinks, especially darker ones, contain high chromogen and acid. Therefore, consumption of such soda drinks needs to be limited to prevent problems with the teeth.

  • Candy

Candy with various types contains quite a lot of coloring ingredients. This, of course, will affect the color of the teeth so that if the candy is consumed in large quantities and for long periods of time, then your teeth will turn yellow. In addition, high sugar content in candy also increases the risk of developing plaque on the teeth.

  • Cigarettes

Neither food nor drink, the cigarette is also one of the things we need to avoid for the sake of oral and dental health. Not only bad for dental health, but cigarettes are also not good for overall body health. The nicotine content in tobacco contained in cigarettes will leave yellow stains on the teeth.